AV Media - a public service media companyWe document, showcase, promote the community, culture, lifestyle, history of the Antelope Valley



AV Media is Antelope Valley's in-house media. We cover community, cultural and historic events within the AV, North Los Angeles County. (Request coverage).


What we do

We showcase the people, places, attractions, and events in the Antelope Valley via print, broadcast, web, multimedia, social media (photo archive).



We develop innovative ways to help people connect, communicate, collaborate, cooperate with one another to create a strong sense of community, social identity, and civic pride in the Antelope Valley.



Discover entertainment, shopping, dining, recreation, art, music, performances. Learn about Antelope Valley's historic role in aerospace, alternative energy, agriculture, mining, film.


AV Media helped launch my career in modeling. They've helped me every step of the way providing photographers, support, guidance. I gained a lot of experience and opportunities through AV Media including assignments for magazine covers, event modeling, and figure modeling. Tracy Fant
My modeling career took off after my first shoot with AV Media at the Rat Fink Party. Those photos were responsible for getting me an invitation to participate at Viva Las Vegas! and also, a mention in a documentary about pin-up models. I continue to work with AV Media and am currently an air stewardess model with Aeromerica.Sydney Ralston
When I see the red AV Media badges in the crowd, I know we're going to get some great coverage of our event. I love browsing the hundreds of photos AV Media posts after each event. It's like being there in person. Thanks for what you do. I see you all over the valley. I don't know how you cover all these events!John T.
When I first stumbled across you guys, I thought you were a big, nameless media company from Los Angeles. But, I was happy to learn that your team is from the Antelope Valley. Your coverage and content is awesome. I don't know how you cover so many things. But, I'm glad your team is out there capturing everything.Sandra K.
Since joining AV Media, I've gained a lot of new experiences and opportunities covering many different kinds of events, shooting officially for the JetHawks, AV Fair, city, public and private events. I'm a better photographer as a result. I've discovered that I love capturing images for the AV, giving back to the community.Ross Way
Your team does a great job of covering events. You're my go to web site, first web site I check out at the start of the day. When I want to know what's going on in the valley, I hop on your Facebook page to look at all the photos of stuff I've missed. I like that the photos you feature are about the Antelope Valley.Lance
AV Media helped me to discover event photography. Working with AV Media has given me many memorable experiences, assignments. My first air show, first rodeo, first monster truck race, professional baseball game, drift cars, concerts. I love covering events for our community and being welcomed at every venue.Melinda Rodriguez

AV Media's Mission

"Building Antelope Valley's virtual community"

MEET THE TEAMwho we are


Casey Driver Founder

Miner, Founder AV Media, Founder Aeromerica, publisher, inventor, writer, graphic designer, game developer, videographer. Specialty: document management systems, branding, business development, application development, IT, marketing. …


Kyoshi Becker Mckizzie Director Operations, graphics

Artist, animator, graphic designer, sculptor, photojournalist, sign maker, award winning photographer, instructor. Specialty: motocross, motor sports, portraiture, abstract and art photography, 


Adam Chant Director IT, Innovation, Marketing

Entrepreneur, Blvd Association board member, business owner, flight systems programmer, technologist, event planner, columnist, podcaster. Specialty: technology, business development, IT, marketing, social media.


Edwin R. Vasquez Editor, Visual Arts

Community manager, artist, poet, sculptor, art activist, social commentator, photojournalist. Specialty: exhibit and event, photography. Multimedia and mix media.


K. Ross Way Photographer (sports)

Archaeologist, artist, official photographer for the Jethawks professional baseball team. Specialty: sports, action, custom cars, motorsports, aircraft, abstract, landscape.


Melinda Rodriguez Photographer (entertainment)

Restauranteur, dancer, photojournalist. Specialty: lighting, action, dance, portraiture, wedding, event photography. Selected featured photographer on many social media sites.


Michael Hopkins Photographer (lifestyle)

Manager, AV Media modeling agency. IT support. Landscape, portrait, event photographer. Specialty: models, musicians, dancers. Camera operator music videos. Instructor.


Tracy Fant Project Manager, models, events

Project Manager, pin-up girl, cover girl, make-up artist, veterinary technician.

About our company

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Our Mission

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Who Are We?

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What We Do

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