AVTA’S BYD Electric Bus Goes the Distance

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“The Antelope Valley Transit Authority’s (AVTA) new BYD electric bus is performing better than advertised! AVTA and BYD operators put the electric bus to the test this weekend during a 24-hour marathon ride that looped from Rosamond to Palmdale a total of 18 times.
The BYD electric bus managed to travel an astounding 746 miles over the 24-hour period, operating in three shifts. Each shift logged between 240 and 256 miles before recharging the battery.

“This is tremendous news and it proves the BYD electric bus can be a transit work horse like its diesel counterpart,” stated Board Chair Norm Hickling. “We are looking forward to putting our electric buses into service on local transit routes to further evaluate their true performance under all weather and road conditions.”
This weekend’s 24-hour marathon began on Saturday at 1:04 in the afternoon starting from the BYD factory in Lancaster. AVTA’s electric bus was loaded with 5,250 lbs. of sand bags to simulate the weight of 35 passengers. The bus traveled a total of 240 miles before its first battery charge, which is nearly 100 miles more than BYD advertises and 30 miles more than is needed to service an average transit route in the AntelopeValley. The air conditioning system ran during most of the test except during the early morning hours when it was cold outside.” (via Electric Cars Report)

Feuer and Beck Join To Change National Conversation on Domestic Violence

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Call For Victims To Come Forward City Attorney Details Efforts on Domestic Violence and Gangs, Guns and Children

Los Angeles — Amidst unfolding allegations against several NFL players, City Attorney Mike Feuer today called for a change to the national conversation and a comprehensive approach to end domestic violence. Feuer was joined by Chief Charlie Beck of the LAPD as they called for victims to come out of the shadows and report domestic violence crimes and seek help.

“Domestic and family violence isn’t just an NFL problem. It’s a fact of life in too many homes across our nation every day,” said City Attorney Mike Feuer. “We can and will do more to break this cycle of violence. And victims need to know they are not alone–that we will stand up for them and help protect them.”

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You go in first

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Abandoned building in the Mojave.

Kelso Depot, Mojave Desert, California, Black and White, Mojave National Preserve

Ok Melinda, you go in first. I’ll be right behind you.Casey

Hello world!

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Hail in the Mojave desert (Lancaster)!

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Awaken by what sounded like pebbles falling on the roof of the house.

About the Antelope Valley

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Hi. Welcome to the future: Antelope Valley, California — 2688. And I’m telling you, it’s great here. The air is clean. The water is clean. Even the dirt is clean! Bowling averages are way up. Minigolf scores are way down. And we have more excellent waterslides than any other planet we communicate with. I’m telling you, this place is great!”