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September 18, 2014 / Art, artists, MOAH, Models, People / 1 Comment /

Aeromerica model Sydney Ralston recently visited Lancaster Blvd for the Celebrate America event. The event was to remind ourselves about all the great things this nation has given its citizens: freedoms, American values and culture. Sometimes, we have to remind ourselves that the world is not always black & white, good vs. evil, right or wrong (although personally I do believe in absolutes). Life and living isn’t a comic book, caricature. It’s far too messy and complicated. But, I do like the simplicity, morality and perspective on life that the comic book universe offers.

We converted Sydney’s photo into a comic panel. For a limited time, we’ll convert your color photo into a poster size comic. Just drop us a line using the contact form on this website.

1 Comment

  1. Casey

    September 21, 2014
    / Reply

    I think I made the white pupils too large.

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